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Bimba’s MFD product line encompasses high-value, global pneumatic equipment. All products are extensively tested to meet the rigorous demands of the North American Industrial market. These components are confidently backed by Bimba quality standards, service, and technical support.



Control your media flow with Bimba MFD’s valves and valve accessories selection. Our line of compact, cost-effective valves covers a wide variety of unique applications, from standard solenoid and air pilot valves, to manually operated hand valves and explosion-proof options.

Air Preparation

MFD’s MGA Series air preparation equipment brings crucial support to all kinds of basic pneumatic circuits. Filters, regulators, and lubricators provide an economical way to improve operation in pneumatic valves and actuators in a modular package. Accessories such as gauges and switches allow you to further monitor your systems and ensure quality operation. The MGA Series brings accessible, affordable FRL options to any pneumatic circuit.

Pneumatic Actuators

Specialized pneumatic actuators provide unique motion profiles for uncommon applications across a variety of industries. Extruded thrusters and compact cylinders provide distinctive twists on common pneumatics, while rotary actuators and grippers fill roles that traditional motion profiles cannot.


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MGAFB series coalescing filters protect sensitive pneumatic equipment by removing oil mist and contamination down to 0.3µm or 0.01μm.

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Manifold PowerStrip™

The Manifold PowerStrip™ (MPS) offers a simple solution to wiring manifold valve stacks.

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MACQ Series

This medium-duty, extruded-aluminum-body, compact industrial pneumatic cylinder is offered through our MFD series partnership.

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Angular Grippers

MFD's Angular Grippers are robust, double acting or single acting grippers.

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