Angular Grippers


MFD's Angular Grippers are robust, double acting or single acting grippers. An integrated variable flow valve allows for easy convenience to adjust the speed of opening and closing the gripping jaw. To help with installation, most grippers can be mounted from three different sides. Reed and solid state switches that fit into the side grooves are available separately.

  • Bore Sizes:  6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32mm
  • Pressure Range on 6mm Bores:  22-100 PSI on double acting, 45-100 PSI on single acting
  • Pressure Range on other bores:  15-100 PSI on double acting, 36-100 PSI on single acting
  • Maximum Frequency:  180 cycles per minute
  • M3x0.5 and M5x0.8 ports available


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -