Bimba IQ Programmer

IQ® Programmer allows users to create programs that may vary from simple to sophisticated and everything in-between. With an easy to use interface and a host of commands and tools that allow the programmer to control motion, Inputs and outputs, IQ® Programmer is a powerful yet intuitive motion tool to allow even non-programmer types to use within a short time.

  • Proprietary software used with Bimba IntelliMotor® and STP stepper drive & controllers
  • Used with Bimba SRV Servo drives & controllers
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later
  • Stored program execution; 744 lines of code
  • Multiple control modes including analog velocity, position, and torque
  • 12 segment control makes custom motion profiles easy
  • Intuitive interface

Bimba IQ Stepper

IQ® Stepper is a motion control configuration tool used to configure our Stepper drives. It makes setting up unique motion profile parameters quick and easy, and can include control mode, motor parameters, I/O, and encoder parameters. With the option of saving and uploading configuration files, multiple motion work cells can be quickly and easily configured with a few clicks.

  • Proprietary software used with all Bimba stepper drives including IntelliMotor®
  • Stepper motion control configuration tool reduces set-up time
  • Graphical interface eases configuration
  • Built-in status monitor makes troubleshooting easy
  • Alarm history tool helps with quick system diagnosis
  • Used with both Bimba Ethernet and Serial stepper drives

Mitsubishi Software

Bimba offers software to support all Mitsubishi products we offer. These revolutionary and intuitive design environments provide a host of attributes and graphical elements needed to quickly and easily develop visualization projects. Data entry fields, dialog windows even placement aids have been optimized to reduce development time and provide the flexibility programmers demand.

Mitsubishi software that Bimba offers include:

  • GX Works3 HMI software
  • GT Works3 drive software
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation servo configuration licenses
  • M-Sizing software for motor sizing (freeware)