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Approach One:
Modified Standard Products


Physical Modifications

When tackling a unique application, off-the-shelf products don't always measure up. Bimba can create a custom solution designed for your exact needs for all types of challenging systems.

  • Alternative rod threads
  • Additional or new ports
  • Specialized component materials
  • Uncommon geometrics
  • Unique testing requirements
  • Private labeling


Performance Enhancements

Bimba’s design team will work directly with your engineering team to modify existing products or create new designs that result in:

  • Faster speeds
  • Greater force
  • Smoother actuation
  • Higher air pressure
  • Expanded temp ranges
  • Tighter tolerances


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Approach Two:
Custom Design Solutions

If our U-Select™ solutions still don't meet your application needs, Bimba's know-how can design, build and deliver a custom product that meets your specifications.

In many cases the final product doesn't resemble an actuator anymore. For example, Bimba worked with SynCardia Systems in the development of the pumping system for their Freedom™ driver*, designed to power the world's only FDA-approved total artificial heart. Bimba was an integral part in the development of both the pneumatic driver technology and corresponding valving.

If you're looking for a partner to help develop your next generation product, take advantage of Bimba's U-Design™ capabilities.


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