TECH TALK: Adaptive Cushioning in the PA Series of Pneumatic Actuators

Tech Talk:

Adaptive Cushioning in the PA Series of Pneumatic Actuators

Getting actuator cushions perfectly adjusted can be a huge time sink during installation and maintenance, generating unnecessary downtime when your machines should already be up and running.

Increase your uptime and make energy absorption worry-free with Bimba’s PA Series pneumatic actuators. Every PA Series actuator comes standard with our game-changing Auto Cushioning System. This uniquely designed internal air cushion automatically adapts to changing loads and conditions.

Auto-cushioning works by directing a small amount of compressed air through additional channels in the cushion spud before the cushion seal fully engages. These channels allow the cushion components to react to varying speeds and loads in your application before the air is redirected to the regulated cushion orifice.

The cushion screw is preset at the factory, meaning field adjustment is not required for most applications. This eliminates cushion-related downtime and gives your applications the right amount of cushioning every time!

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