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As an innovator in the pneumatic industry since 1939, Bimba’s Mead product line designs and manufactures a diverse, full line of products to produce and control motion. While we offer a broad range of standard products, our engineers routinely design custom systems and components to meet your specific needs.


Control Valves

Control Valves help you modulate your media flow. A variety of power options, including air, solenoid, and manual/mechanical, provide flexibility to adapt to your pneumatic system. Unique valve styles and the ability to integrate many control valves into manifold systems offer additional possibilities for you to get the most out of your machines.


Pneumatic cylinders are one of the most prevalent motion options on the market. They can fill a variety of application needs, providing cost-effective and powerful solutions to your motion problems. Bimba offers a diverse array of pneumatic actuators, including the repairable Centaur series, traditional tie rod cylinders, and the Space Saver series, among many others.

Specialty Valves

Bimba’s Specialty Valves help complete pneumatic circuits with specific requirements. By utilizing unusual body types, flow rates, and actuation profiles, our Specialty Valves fill a need in your challenging pneumatic applications!

Production Devices

Bimba’s line of Production Devices features specialized presses and press accessories to reduce production and installation costs. Each press comes fully assembled, ready to crimp, heat seal, bend, form, and perform all your specialized press requirements.


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Bimba Centaur cylinders are built to match tie-rod performance, but are up to 45% less expensive and offer lubrication-free service.

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Low Stress types are for high production applications where operator fatigue is a concern.

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Single Acting Air Clamps

Bimba's single acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction.

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Single Acting Air Presses

Economical single acting air powered presses reduce production costs by automating crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting and burnishing operations.

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