Precision Electric



Bahr Modultechnik is now part of Norgren. Bahr is a leading provider of linear electric actuators, including precision linear axis and cartesian systems.

The addition of this modular technology enables Norgren to deliver an industry leading range of pneumatic and electric linear motion solutions.



High dynamism – even over long distances

Our toothed belt driven linear actuators stand out thanks to their high speeds, which deliver impressive results over long and short distances. The design keeps wear in the units to a minimum; as a result, long service life is guaranteed, and machine malfunctions are reduced.



Trapezoidal thread or screw drive?
Screw drives are particularly suitable for applications with increased precision requirements, offering high efficiency and low friction. As a result, the breakaway torque and the drive torque are reduced to a minimum.

Trapezoidal thread drives are suitable for transferring large axial forces and offer the advantage of self-locking. Linear actuators with thread drives are a popular standard in robust and precise applications for processing machines and machine tools.



Flexibility that pays dividends
Rack and pinion drive linear actuators are a standard, respected solution with excellent operational reliability. The racks and rack wheels guarantee a very long service life; customers value the high flexibility this solution offers them.

Any number of rack segments can be connected, allowing unlimited lengths. Additionally, several carriages can be operated independently of each other on the linear unit. That means that, upon its utilization, an application can immediately save time and increase throughput.



Versatile solutions with linear motors
Our linear motor drive actuators have earned themselves a place in the optical industry, semiconductor production, medical technology, and laboratory automation.

In addition to its outstanding dynamism and precision, a compact linear motor drive system is low noise, low wear, and low maintenance. This ensures product quality by achieving 100%-precise production results with cutting-edge electrical engineering. At the same time, using linear motor drive units minimizes maintenance-related downtime and drive-induced failure.



Even linear actuators without complex drive systems offer customers significant added value in the provision of high-quality linear units. Find out more about the advantages of our linear actuators without drives and create the solution that fits your unique application today.


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