Versagrip® Model 1300 Solenoid Pinch Valve

The M1300 supports tubing or disposable membrane bags ranging in the 0.063 – 0.250 inch OD or 1.6 – 6.4 mm sizing and average Durometer up to 60 Shore A and 15 psi media pressure. 4 different configurations are available being single-tube normally open, single-tube normally closed, dual tubes toggling normally open and closed, or a headless cassette mountable options.

  • Panel mount ready with seals for preventing liquid penetration
  • Compact designs with low operational noise output
  • Optional VDB controller and position sensor available
  • Uses standard 24VDC x 3A power supply setup
  • ROHS2 compliant, Pending UL429, CSA139 and CE 60601-1 3rd Ed.
  • Headed versions include push button override for easy tube loading/unloading

Approximate weight: 255 grams
Operational power requirements: 72 Watts: 24VDC x 3A power supply lines with separate 210VDC or 24VDC triggering lines.
If using optical position sensor: 3VDC x 20mA
Pull-In Power: 20-42 Watts, Hold-In Power: 0.5-2.3
0.060” plunger stroke length
Available default states:
Single tube Normally Open or Normally Closed
Dual tube toggling N/ON/C
Cassette Normally Closed
Maximum operating ambient temperature: 40 Degrees C
Solenoid lead wire: 22 AWG UL1061, 12 inch length with Molex P/N 436400201 connector
Recommended use with 900R PWM solenoid controller


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -