Binary Valves (USV-100/USV-250)

The USV-100 provides alternating outputs from a single input port. The valve has two outputs which are selected alternately by applying a pulsing, on-off air signal to the input port. Power models (USV-250) provide the same binary function as the 100 model, and in addition, offer full 4-way control power. They are suitable for direct connection to double acting air cylinders.

  • Operating pressure:  35-100 PSI
  • Flow to atmosphere @100 PSI:  4 SCFM (USV-100),  36.9 SCFM (USV-250)
  • Permissible mediums:  air and inert gas
  • Ambient temperature range:  10°F to 120°F
  • Lubrication:  recommended (USV-100),  Not necessary (USV-250)
  • Flow:  Cv = 0.75


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -