ST Series Silencers

Item: ST

The ST Series Silencers are designed with a straight through flow path that eliminates clogging by allowing the contaminants to pass directly through the silencer. As air passes through the silencer, the dense felt element absorbs the noise, thus reducing high pitch exhaust noise to a gentle, low frequency sound. Even in the most adverse conditions, contaminants pass through the silencer making the ST Series ideal for dusty and dirty environments.

  • 18 models, male and female connections
  • Reliable – straight through design eliminates clogging
  • Improved work environment by reducing noise
  • Felt liner absorbs high frequency sound
  • Minimize backpressure for consistent performance
  • Increases savings, reduces maintenance costs, improves equipment life

How to Specify:

 For Silencer only: Order by Model #. Refer to the charts below or the ST Series Silencer Catalog Pages for product data.
 Bimba pump/silencer combinations: Bimba recommends silencers that have been sized to ensure maximum pump performance. See specific pump for silencer options.
 Non-Bimba pneumatic devices: The thread size on the exhaust port of the pneumatic device determines the size of the silencer.
• Equipment and applications may vary. For proper silencer selection, contact the Bimba Technical Support Team at 508-359-7200 or click here to email the team.

Female Threads

Male Threads

Unthreaded with Set Screw


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