The Intellipress™ bench top electric press complements Bimba’s hydraulic and pneumatic presses, providing complete control over process speed, pressing force and home position location. The IntelliPress offers high performance at a low price. Three press sizes are offered and can provide compression or tension force for your application.

  • Fully electric, energy efficient design
  • Three press sizes with force ranging up to 12,000 lbs
  • Ball screw driven electric actuator can accurately apply force in either direction
  • Infinitely variable position control within stroke range
  • Pre-programmed and easy-to-configure operator interface
  • Optional loadcell for both tension and compression applications

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizes single-phase power
  • Infinitely variable position control within stroke range
  • Non-rotating by design
  • Configurable rod end: Imperial Male / Female rod end
  • Metric Male / Female rod end
  • Real-time process monitoring and verification
  • Fully assembled with rugged ballscrew electric thrust actuator for maintenance-free operation.
  • Single travel distance 6.00” is completely scalable throughout the range of stroke
  • All steel parts are black oxide plated; aluminum parts are anodized
  • Heavy duty steel keyed and bolted construction
  • Adjustable work heights: choose from three different built-in height settings (2” increments)
  • Open work area allows for through feed or side feed of large parts
  • Removable, oversized ground tool plate, dowel pinned to press frame provides precision location of tool plate to press frame

There are three models of the IntelliPress™ electric bench top press (EBTP):

  • EBTP with actuator
  • EBTP with actuator and controls
  • EBTP with actuator, controls and load cell

The model numbers of the IntelliPress™ electric bench top press consist of an alphanumeric cluster designating product type, force range, optional controls, and optional load cells that together make up the complete part number to use in ordering. Use the ordering information below to build a valid part number.

An example of a 3,000 lb force press with press, actuator, controls, and a load cell is shown below in the part number configurator:


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