Mini Single Stage Push in Cartridge

Ideally suited for machine designers, push in venturi cartridges easily fit into OEM cavities creating an unrecognizable (proprietary) vacuum source. The Min series offers high vacuum levels in a tiny package. Vacuum cartridges are a combination of interchangeable nozzles and diffusers that enable you to optimize pump performance based on desired vacuum level, vacuum flow, evacuation speed and air consumption.

  • Saves space – eliminates the need for an external pump, install close to vacuum point
  • High Productivity – powerful vacuum up to 28"Hg [948mbar], fast response time
  • Compact & lightweight – reduces overall equipment weight
  • Efficient – minimal air consumption, high performance
  • Straight through design – reliable, no moving parts to wear out or get clogged, no maintenance
  • Performance Optimization – precise control of flow and vacuum level


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -