Adjustable Air Amplifiers / Blowers - CDF

The CDF Series vacuum pump efficiently generates a high vacuum flow and a high exhaust flow using a small amount of compressed air, with amplification ratios up to 40:1 (output to input). CDF's are ideal for applications that require high levels of flow such as the rapid evacuation of fumes, blow drying wet materials, or to cool hot areas and/or materials. CDFs generate high vacuum flow, overcoming leaks inherent in handling porous objects such as cardboard, foam or fabric.

  • Field adjustable for individual applications
  • High performance – 40:1 amplification ratio
  • Holds porous materials securely
  • Easy to install – compact & lightweight
  • Efficient – Instant response, minimal energy required
  • Safe operation: No heat generated, control output pressure, no bursting

CDF Series Air Amplifier / Blower Standard Specifications

Pump Material: Anodized Aluminum (for silencer material see Silencer Page

Medium: Filtered (50 micron) un-lubricated, non-corrosive dry gases

Operating Temperature:-100° to ~400°F [-73° to ~204°C]

Operating Pressure: Variable – For maximum performance, Bimba recommends 50 PSI [3.4 bar] and above


CDF Series Air Amplifier / Blower Operating and Installation Requirement

Model :              CDF 200, 200H, 375H                        CDF 500H, 750H, 750HFM, 1000H, 1500H, 2000H

Supply Line:     1/4” I.D. [4mm] tube                           3/8” I.D. [10mm] tube

Control Valve:  Minimum orifice 0.125” [3mm]            Minimum orifice 0.250” [6mm]

The model number for the CDF Series of Adjustable Air Amplifiers consists of the base model acronym (CDF 500H, e.g..) plus three alphanumeric clusters. These clusters designate the optional exhaust port threads, silencer, and the optional body material. Refer to the chart below for an example of model number CDF 500H-EPT100-ST16FC. This is a CDF 500H pump with minimum bore of 0.50" and optional EPT100 exhaust port threads and optional ST16FC silencer. Please note exhaust port threads are required for attaching a silencer. The final cluster refers to optional body material such as 304 stainless steel.


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