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Welcome to where you can find the entire TRD product line as well as a variety of other pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and vacuum products. Since the acquisition in 1998 by Bimba, a part of IMI Precision Engineering, the TRD product line has been part of Bimba's entire product offering. The TRD product line offers NFPA pneumatic and hydraulic tie-rod cylinders that are manufactured with the highest quality components that are available in a wide variety of options and modifications.  

Today you can find all of your TRD product needs right on Bimba's website. Browse our selection of products or call Customer Service at 815-654-7775 for questions regarding Bimba's TRD product line.




Featured Products

All TRD cylinders are built-to-order. Customize your cylinder for maximum performance and best value without sacrificing lead times. Most options can be added and shipped by this schedule (revised 2/9/2018):

Product Series Delivery Time Notes
TA  (Aluminum - 250 PSI Air) 2-3 Days  
TD  (Aluminum - 250 PSI Air) 2-3 Days  
TRA  (Aluminum - 250 PSI Air) 2-3 Days  
FM  (Aluminum - 250 Air) 2-3 Days  
MH  (Medium Pressure Hydraulic, 1 1/2-8" Bores, To 1500 PSI) 2-3 Days  
CMH (Compact Med. Pres. Hydraulic, 25-101Mm Bore, To 2030 PSI)