Min Series Venturi Vacuum Pump - VP00

The VP00 Min Series air-powered venturi vacuum pumps are highly efficient, capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], and dirt tolerant. The VP00s use minimal compressed air and include a silencer for quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, they easily mount close to the vacuum point for fast response.

  • High Productivity – powerful vacuum up to 28”Hg [948mbar]
  • Mounts Easily – square body, compact and lightweight
  • Fast Response – installs close to vacuum point
  • Efficient – minimal air consumption
  • Reliable – operates trouble-free: straight-through no moving parts, non-clogging

To order the VP00 Series Venturi Pump contact your local distributor or click here.

The model number for the VP00 Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps consists of the base model acronym* (VP00-60) plus five alphanumeric clusters. These clusters designate the vacuum levels, operating pressure, silencer and switch or sensor options. Refer to the chart below for an example of model number VP00-60H-60-EP-VSMP-QD-6. This is a VP200-60 pump with a maximum vacuum flow of 60, maximum vacuum level of 28"Hg [948mbar], operating pressure of 60 PSI, ST2 silencer and a VSMP vacuum switch with 6" pigtail quick disconnect.  The  EP denotes the extra port necessary to accommodate the vacuum switch. Note, part numbers beginning with I- denote a model with G port metric threads.

Ordering Chart

VP00 Pump Standard Specifications:
Pump Material: Anodized Aluminum (For silencer material, see the Accessories Section)
Cartridge Material: Nylon, Buna-N O-ring
Medium: Filtered (50 Micron) unlubricated, non-corrosive dry gases
Operating Temperature: 30° to ~250°F [-34° to ~121°C]
Operating Pressure: 80 PSI [5.5 bar] standard or 60 PSI [4.1 bar] – Consult Factory for other operating pressures

VP00 Operating and Installation Requirements:
Supply Line: Min. 5/32” [4mm], 1/4” O.D. [6mm] tube preferred for supply lines exceeding 3’ [1M]
Control Valve: 3 way/2 position (faster part release), minimum orifice – 0.062” diameter [1.57mm]
Vacuum Line: 1/4” [6mm] tube preferred, for short runs 5/32” [4mm] may be used
Vacuum Line Filtration: Typically vacuum filters are not required. If desired, Bimba recommends – VF125LPM. See the Accessories Section.
Mounting: Mounting holes accept 4-40 [M3] screws