VSM Series

Bimba’s miniature electronic vacuum switches provide a switched output for part present detection and can be easily mounted to Bimba’s Modular VP Series pumps.

  • Compact – placed at point of use for accurate reading and quick response time
  • Lightweight – ideal for End-of-Arm Tooling, robotic end effectors
  • Low power consumption • Mountable to both Bimba or non-Bimba M5 vacuum port
  • Swivel fitting – operates in any position
  • Reliable LED for visual confirmation – easy set-up
  • Standard with M8, 3-pin Quick Disconnect on 6” Pigtail

To order the VSMN/P Series switch, click here.

How to Specify:

VSMN-QD-6 utilizes NPN switching

VSMP-QD-6 utilizes PNP switching

Both models include 6" pigtail and M8 3-pin Quick Disconnect. Cordset with 5M lead wire and M8 3-pin connector available, part # QDS-8-3F.