Safety & Production

2-Hand Anti-Tiedown Control Valves
2-Hand Anti-Tiedown Control Valves (These valves provide safer operation of presses, cylinders, valves, and more.)

Safety Valves

CSV Series
CSV series controls provide safer operation of air presses, drill fixtures, clamping fixtures, and more.
Air Jets
Air Jets (Designed to accelerate and strike a tool with a consistent, uniform blow.)

Air Jets

Air Jet Bases
Three styles of Bases are available from Pneumadyne to complete the Air Jet assembly.
Air Jet Holder
Pneumadyne’s compact Holder provides an easy method of surface mounting an Air Jet.
Air Jet Kits
Pneumadyne offers Air Jet Kits for either 1/16 or 1/32 orifice nozzles.
Air Jet Nozzles
Pneumadyne offers six styles of Air Nozzles with two orifice sizes to provide air flow.
Air Jet Nut
The retaining nut from Pneumadyne affixes the Air Nozzle to the Air Jet Base.
Air Reservoirs
Air Reservoirs (Stores compressed air to improve pneumatic system efficiency.)

Round Line Style

Centaur Option
Mead uses two Centaur series cylinder rear heads and a tube to form an economical air tank.
Extruded Body (Manifold Design) Reservoir
Bimba offers an extruded body air reservoir that can also be used as a manifold.
Non-Repairable Reservoir
Bimba offers a series of non-repairable air reservoirs with multiple end cap material options.

Tie Rod Style

Standard Air Reservoir
TRD offers stand alone air reservoirs in a variety of sizes.
Air Reservoir with Booster
TRD's AB series booster can be combined with a standard air reservoir to create a unique product.

Extruded Body Style

Extruded Body (Manifold Design) Reservoir
Bimba offers an extruded body air reservoir that can also be used as a manifold.
Air / Oil Tanks
Air / Oil Tanks (Air/oil reservoirs provide smooth operation typically associated with hydraulic systems.)

Air / Oil Tanks

All Stainless Steel
TRD's SS-AT series feature all stainless steel air/oil tanks.
Standard Air/Oil
AT series air/oil tanks provide smooth, cost-effective operation typically associated with hydraulics.
Boosters / Intensifiers
Boosters / Intensifiers (Boosters amplify inadequate air pressure by doubling the input pressure at the output force.)

Extruded Body Air Booster

Basic 2:1 Air Booster
Bimba's basic 2:1 ratio air-to-air booster is small and self-contained.
High Flow 2:1 Air Booster
This booster offers significantly higher flow rates at the same air pressure than basic booster design.

Air to Air/Air to Hydraulic Intensifiers

Air-to-Air / Air-to-Hydraulic Intensifiers
“Air to Air” or “Air to Hydraulic” intensifiers are single shot, one output per stroke design.
Collet Fixtures
Collet Fixtures (Used to evenly and firmly grip round bars during machining processes.)

Double Acting Collet Fixtures

Double Acting Collet Fixtures
Mead offers collet fixtures for holding round bar stock in two sizes.
Hole Punch Cylinders
Hole Punch Cylinders (Designed to punch millions of holes in thin film or plastic material 2 to 3 mils thick.)

Hole Punch Cylinders

Original Line® Hole Punch Image
The Original Line Hole Punch is designed to punch millions of holes in thin poly material.
Lockout / Tagout Valves
Lockout / Tagout Valves (Required to conform with OSHA and ANSI/PMMI safety regulations.)

Pneumatic Isolation Valves

Pneumatic Isolation Valves
Bimba offers pneumatic isolation valves that meet OSHA 29 CFR1910.147 standards.
Slide/Lockout Valves
These can only be locked in the closed position, rendering any downstream equipment inoperable.
Presses (Reduce production costs by automating crimping, bending, and other operations.)

Air Presses

Adjustable Column Style
Adjustable column style air press provides infinitely variable daylight settings, permits radial swing.
Bench Top Press Frame
TRD's BTP series feature a variety of bench top presses.
Cast Iron Arbor Presses
Mead's cast iron arbor presses feature a heavy duty cast iron frame that is extremely rigid.
Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Multi-Stage Press
Mead’s latest press utilizes multiple stages to achieve a dramatically increased output force.
Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Presses
Mead's heavy duty welded steel frame air press is used to automate tasks.
Multi-Stage Bench Top Press
TRD offers a multi-stage bench top press.
Single Acting Air Presses
Mead offers a single acting, spring return, versatile light duty air press.
Single Stage Press Frame Cylinder
TRD offers a single stage bench top press.
Triple Rod Bench Top Press
TRD offers a triple rod, non-rotating bench top press.
Panel Mount Control Valves
Panel Mount Control Valves (Designed for mobile equipment operations to avoid stall conditions.)

PTO Valves

ACV Series PTO Valves
Designed for mobile equipment operations to avoid stall conditions.
Accessories (PIV Valve Accessories include a pressure switch, pop-up indicator and muffler.)


ACV Series PTO Valves
Designed for mobile equipment operations to avoid stall conditions.