Hydraulic Actuators
Hydraulic Actuators (Actuators for applications requiring supply pressures up to 500 PSI.)

Low Pressure Round Line

Bimba "500" Series image
The Bimba "500" series hydraulic cylinders are designed for use with pressures up to 500 PSI.
Bimba Original Line® "HL" Option image
Original Line® cylinders designed for hydraulic use with pressures up to 250 psi.
Centaur image
Mead's Centaur cylinders are economical and repairable in a round body style.

Low Pressure NFPA

3-Position image
Two cylinders built as one unit with one rod end, capable of producing three rod positions.
Air /Oil Tandem image
Air provides the force to extend and retract the cylinder, and oil provides precise stroke speed control.
Dyna-Mation DM1image
DM1 cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design generating high performance in most applications.
Dyna-Mation DM2 Image
Mead's Dyna-Mation DM2 series cylinders feature an extruded body design.
Flush Mount Image
The same high quality and construction as the TA series, with the added benefit of “sleeve nut” construction.
Heavy Duty Image
Mead's HD1 series cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design with a heavy duty hard coated rod bearing.
Large Bore image
Mead's HD series large bore cylinders offer excellent performance and a long service life.
High-Pressure Steel image
Steel cylinders provide extra strength and durability to withstand abuse while maintaining reliable performance.
Multi-stage cylinders achieve greater forces by multiplying the output force with additional pistons.
Small Bore Image
Small bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders are designed to generate high performance in most applications.
Stainless Steel
Precision machined 303/304 stainless steel provides excellent performance in harsh environments.
Stainless Steel Multi-Stage image
TRD's SS series cylinders can be turned into non-rotating cylinders when the “NR” option is chosen.
Standard cylinder image
TA cylinders offer high quality, heavy duty construction in an NFPA tie rod interchangeable design.
Triple Rod image
Triple Rod cylinders increase stability and strength, featuring a non-rotating design.

Low Pressure Guided

Movable Housing Ball & Composite Bearing Thruster Image
Offers extremely high load carrying capabilities with re-circulating or composite ball bearings.

Low Pressure Rodless

Ultran® Rodless Cylinder image
The Bimba Ultran® Rodless cylinder provides one of the highest coupling strengths available.
Ultran® Rodless Slide image
Two models available with different coupling strengths for unguided or externally guided applications.

Medium Pressure NFPA

Medium-Pressure Hydraulic image
Precision made MH series hydraulic cylinders deliver more reliable heavy-duty industrial operations.

High Pressure NFPA

HH Rod Lock image
A 100% ball bearing design distributes even locking (clamp-holding) forces along the shaft.
High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder image
Precision made cylinders deliver reliable heavy-pressure industrial operations in the 3000 PSI class.
High-Pressure Hydraulic with Rod Lock image