Metric PneuMoment™

With eight PTFE impregnated bearing pads and a hard coat anodized load beam, PneuMoment™ actuators are capable of moving loads up to 800 lbs. and moments up to 7000 in-lbs. (application and bore size dependent).  No lubrication is needed for the bearings, although standard air line lubrication should be used to enhance the actuator’s seal life.

  • Bore sizes:  27mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm
  • Standard stroke lengths:  150mm (Custom stroke lengths available to 762mm)
  • Maximum operating pressure:  150 psi
  • Auxiliary ports transmit air or vacuum through the actuator to operate automation devices
  • Available in U.S. customary units (inch) or metric
  • Built-in track for position sensing switches


Mounting Accessories
PneuMoment® Mounting Clamps
End Flange Mount
9/16" to 2" Bore Shock Absorbers
Track Mounted Switches
Mini 4mm Round - C-Slot (MR/MS/MSC/MSK)
Connector Cables
M8 Female Quick Connect (C4/C5)