Metric Flat-1® Multiple Power

Bimba F02, F03, and F04 series Flat-I® cylinders are double acting, single end rod cylinders that multiply the force output by supplying air to multiple pistons on extension.  They save space and eliminate the need for a higher pressure system.  Only one piston is powered on the return stroke, saving air volume and operating costs.

  • Bore sizes:  63mm, 76mm, 101mm
  • 304 stainless steel body prevents corrosion
  • Standard oil impregnated bronze rod bushing
  • Stainless piston rod
  • Precision machined anodized aluminum heads
  • Maximum Pressure:  100 PSI (air only)


Rod End and Port Attachments
Compact Low Profile Rod Eye
Alignment Coupler (M4x0.7 to M20x1.5)
Metric Rod End Nuts
Track Mounted Switches
Solid State (HC/HK)
Connector Cables
M8 Female Quick Connect (C4/C5)