Ultran® High Load Slide

The Bimba Ultran® High Load Slides have large load bearing capabilities, 304 stainless steel body, “U” Cup seals for lower dynamic friction, greater carriage precision, and leak-free construction.  The base model UHL offers both axial and alternate port locations.  These actuators are repairable, and must be sent to Bimba for any repairs needed.

  • Bore sizes:  1-1/16", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
  • Easily accessible carriage lubrication port
  • Internally lubricated piston seals for long life
  • Stroke lengths to 132"
  • Shock absorbers to decelerate loads
  • Optional bumpers to reduce noise


Mounting Accessories
Transition Plates
9/16" to 2" Bore Shock Absorbers
Stop Collar
Stroke Adjustment
Threaded Sensor
Proximity Sensor (PCQ)
Track Mounted Switches
Solid State (HC/HK)
Heavy Duty MRS® Track Switch
Connector Cables
M8 Female Quick Connect (C4/C5)
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Ultran High Load Slide How to Order

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