Round Body

Cube Cylinder Image
Mini cube cylinders are ideal for applications requiring low output forces in extremely tight spaces.
Diaphragm Cylinder Image
Bimba's extremely low profile diaphragm cylinder is designed for clamping applications.
Flat-1® Image
Bimba's Flat-1® series round body cylinders were designed with space savings in mind.
Flat-1® Multiple Position Image
Multiple position FOP series cylinders save space and provide 3 individual strokes within one cylinder.
Flat-1® Multiple Power Image
Multiple power series cylinders save space and provide 2 - 4 times the force of traditional models.
Flat-II® Non-Rotating Image
Bimba's Flat-II® series cylinders feature round end caps and utilize two piston rods for non-rotation.
Miniature Air Cylinders Image
MF and MA series miniature cylinders are designed for use in applications where space is limited.
Single Acting Air Clamps image
Mead's single acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction.
Space Saver® Image
These cylinders provide the power and stroke of standard cylinders in less than half the space of others.
Square Flat-1® Image
Bimba's Square Flat-1® series cylinders feature square end caps and are great for tight spaces.
Square Flat-II® Non-Rotating Image
This series compact cylinders feature square end caps and twin piston rods to provide non-rotation.
Stainless Steel Flat-1® Image
Corrosion resistant, IP69K rated solution for low profile applications.