Pneumatic Actuators

Round Line (The original round body cylinder that can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.)



  • All Stainless Steel Repairable (Bell Ring)
    A removable bell ring nut adds repairability to the all stainless steel Original Line® cylinder.
  • Centaur
    Mead's Centaur series round body style cylinders are economical and repairable.
  • Double-Wall®
    An outer wall makes this an extremely durable NFPA-interchangeable cylinder.
  • Repairable Stainless
    Repairable all stainless steel cylinders are perfect for wash down use and are USDA approved.

Compact (Space saving cylinders for use in applications with limited area.)

Round Body

  • Flat-1®
    Bimba's Flat-1® series round body cylinders were designed with space savings in mind.
  • Stainless Steel Flat-1®
    Corrosion resistant, IP69K rated solution for low profile applications.
  • Square Flat-1®
    Bimba's Square Flat-1® series cylinders feature square end caps and are great for tight spaces.
  • Flat-II® Non-Rotating
    Bimba's Flat-II® series cylinders feature round end caps and utilize two piston rods for non-rotation.
  • Square Flat-II® Non-Rotating
    This series compact cylinders feature square end caps and twin piston rods to provide non-rotation.
  • Flat-1® Multiple Power
    The multiple power series cylinders save space and provide 2, 3, and 4 times the force of traditional models.
  • Flat-1® Multiple Position
    The multiple position FOP series cylinders save space and provide 3 individual strokes within just one cylinder.
  • Space Saver®
    These cylinders provide the power and stroke of standard cylinders in less than half the space of other cylinders.
  • Single Acting Air Clamps
    Mead's single acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction.
  • Miniature Air Cylinders
    Mead's MF and MA series miniature cylinders are designed for use in applications where space is limited.
  • Diaphragm Cylinder
    Bimba's extremely low profile diaphragm cylinder is designed for clamping applications.
  • Cube Cylinder
    Bimba's mini cube cylinders are ideal for applications requiring low output forces in extremely tight spaces.

Square Extruded Body

  • EF-I
    Bimba's EF-I series cylinders feature an extruded aluminum body design for international machine requirements.
  • EF-II
    Bimba's EF-II series cylinders feature an extruded body, non-rotating design.
  • EFP
    These extruded body cylinders provide two distinct extension strokes in the same EF bore footprint to save space.
  • EFQ
    EFQ series cylinders double the force output on extension using the same EF bore footprint to save space.
  • EFF
    These cylinders feature a compact extruded body design with four guide shafts for vertical lifting applications.
  • Twist Clamp
    Bimba's EFCL series cylinder rotates 90 degrees as it extends and retracts.
  • Stopper Cylinder
    Stopper cylinders are modified EF-I cylinders designed specifically to stop moving product on conveyors.

Air Table (Slide)

  • Twin Bore
    Dual bores exert twice the force of a traditional cylinder while providing smooth, non-rotating actuation.
  • Double Rod End
    A double rod end provides a saddle-mount unit with improved loading and resistance to deflection.
  • Twin Bore Air Table
    Smooth, precise movement is achieved via integration of a highly accurate recirculating ball bushing rail.
  • Narrow Profile Air Table
    Bimba's NPA series air tables are designed for applications with tight space requirements.

NFPA (Heavy duty, repairable cylinders that meet NFPA standards.)

Tie Rod

  • Standard
    TA cylinders offer a high quality, heavy duty construction in an NFPA tie rod style interchangeable design.
  • Standard Steel
    Steel cylinders provide extra strength and durability to withstand abuse while maintaining reliable performance.
  • Tough Duty
    The same high quality, heavy duty construction as the TA series, with additional performance features standard.
  • Flush Mount
    The same high quality and construction as the TA series, with the added benefit of “sleeve nut” construction.
  • Flush Mount Rod Lock
    A 100% ball bearing design distributes even locking (clamp-holding) forces along the shaft.
  • FM Series with Rod Lock
    A 100% ball bearing design distributes even locking (clamp-holding) forces along the shaft.
  • Back to Back
    Combines two individual cylinders with common bore sizes together as one unit with common tie rods.
  • 3-Position
    Two cylinders built as one unit with one rod end, capable of producing three rod positions.
  • Position Feedback Low Friction
    TRD's PFLF series feature position feedback, low friction cylinders that meet NFPA tie-rod standards.
  • Air/Oil Tandem
    Air provides the force to extend and retract the cylinder, and oil provides precise stroke speed control.
  • Triple Rod
    Triple Rod cylinders use three piston rods to increase stability and strength and feature a non-rotating design.
  • Multi-Stage
    Multi-stage cylinders achieve greater forces by multiplying the output force with additional pistons.
  • Stainless Steel
    Precision machined from 303/304 stainless steel to provide excellent performance in harsh environments.
  • Stainless Steel Multi-Stage
    Double acting, single rod end cylinders multiply the force output by supplying air to multiple pistons.
  • Telescoping
    A two-stage telescoping design which remains 100% double acting while providing incredible space savings.
  • Small Bore
    Mead's small bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders are designed to generate high performance in most applications.
  • Dyna-Mation DM1
    DM1 series cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design that generates high performance in most applications.
  • Heavy Duty
    Mead's HD1 series cylinders feature a tie-rod NFPA design with a heavy duty hard coated rod bearing.
  • Large Bore
    Mead's HD series large bore cylinders offer excellent performance and a long service life.

Round Line

  • Repairable Stainless
    Repairable all stainless steel cylinders are perfect for wash down use and are USDA approved.
  • Double-Wall®
    An outer wall makes this an extremely durable NFPA-interchangeable cylinder.

Extruded Body

  • Dyna-Mation DM2
    Mead's Dyna-Mation DM2 series cylinders feature an extruded body design.

Guided Thrusters (For use in non-rotating applications where side or moment loading may be present.)

Standard Load

Heavy Load

Rodless (Linear motion within half the length of rod style actuators.)

Magnetically Coupled

  • Ultran® High Load Slide
    Features a ball bearing system offering large load bearing capabilities with greater carriage precision.
  • Ultran® Rodless Cylinder
    The Bimba Ultran® Rodless cylinder provides one of the highest coupling strengths available.
  • Ultran® Rodless Slide
    Two models available with different coupling strengths for unguided or externally guided applications.

Mechanically Coupled

  • Ultran® Band
    A rodless cylinder providing overall length savings in excess of 40% versus traditional cylinders.

Rotary (Rotational motion solutions for commercial and industrial applications.)

Rack & Pinion

  • Pneu-Turn®
    Rack and pinion rotary actuators are used in applications such as clamping, camming, indexing and mixing.
  • Pneu-Turn® 3-Position
    Pneu-Turn® 3-Position rotary actuators provide three positions within one actuator.
  • Pneu-Turn® Position Feedback
    Position feedback Pneu-Turn® rotary actuators are available in single or double rack models.
  • MHRQ Rotary Actuator
    MFD offers rack & pinion rotary actuators which are used in material transfer operations.

Position Control (Continuous position sensing and control for measurement and positioning applications.)

Linear Position Feedback

Rotary Position Feedback


Balluff Position Control

Accessories (Product accessories including switches, fittings, brackets, nuts, shock absorbers and more.)

Fittings/Port Adaptors/Pins



    Pivot/Clevis Pins

    Mounting Brackets

      Clevis Brackets

      Trunnion Brackets

      Foot Brackets

      Pivot Brackets (Eye Brackets)

      Flange Bracket/Mounting Blocks

      Shock Absorber/Proxy Switch Brackets


        Nose Mounting Nuts

        Rod End Nuts

        Rod Attachments

          Alignment Couplers

          Rod Pivots (Rod Eyes)

          Rod Clevis

          Twist Clamp Arm

          Rod Stud

          Spherical Rod Eye

          Shock Absorbers and Stroke Adjusters

          Transition Plates

          • Rotary Mount Block
            These mounting blocks are used with PneuTurn® rotary actuators.
          • Transition Plates
            Used to couple Bimba rodless, rotary, and guided actuators together for a variety of multi-axis configurations.
          • Fluid Management
          • TRD Manufacturing
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