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Product Brochures

pdf icon Product Line Guide
pdf icon AIROS™ Air Preparation
pdf icon NFPA Actuators
pdf icon Valves
pdf icon Vacuum Tech
pdf icon Switches
pdf icon Pneumatic Actuators
pdf icon Pneumatic Accessories
pdf icon Pinch Valves
pdf icon Hydraulic Actuators
pdf icon End-of-Arm Tooling
pdf icon Custom Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tools
pdf icon Electric Actuators


pdf icon Pinch Valves

pdf icon AIROS™ Air Preparation
pdf icon Pneumatic Actuation (Full Catalog)
pdf icon IntelliSense®
pdf icon Stainless Steel Flat-1
pdf icon Original Line Electric® Actuators
pdf icon Original Line Electric® Thruster (OLET) Catalog
pdf icon Air Reservoirs
pdf icon Original Line® Cylinders
 pdf iconCompact Cylinders
pdf icon Linear Thrusters
pdf icon PneuMoment™ Cylinders
pdf icon Pneu-Turn® Rotary Actuators
pdf icon Ultran® Cylinders
pdf icon Ultran® Band Plus
pdf icon Specialty Cylinders
pdf icon Heavy Duty Round Line Cylinders
pdf icon Position Feedback Cylinders
 pdf iconSwitch Products
pdf icon Related Products
 pdf iconISO Cylinders
pdf icon Grippers
pdf icon  Reference Handbook
pdf icon Metal Push-To-Connect Fittings
pdf icon Composite Fittings (ISO 14743)
pdf icon BPT Series Analog Pressure Transducers
pdf icon Inline and Sub-base Valves
pdf icon BV Series Manifolding Valves
 pdf iconPA Series Catalog
 pdf iconPneumatic Gripper System (BPGS) Catalog
 pdf iconBPV Pneumatic Pinch Valves
pdf icon Electric Motion Full-Line Catalog
pdf icon Motors Catalogs
pdf icon IntelliPress™ Electric Bench Top Press

pdf icon Mead Full Line Catalog

pdf icon MFD Product Line Catalog
pdf icon Manifold PowerStrip Selection Guide

pdf icon Composite Push-In Fittings
pdf icon Pneumatic Control Valves and Accessories (Full Catalog)
pdf icon Solenoid Operated Valves
pdf icon Pneumatic Fittings
pdf icon Pneumatic Manifolds
pdf icon Air Jets
pdf icon Pneumatic Tubing and Accessories
pdf icon Miniature Precision Regulator
pdf icon Pilot Operated Check Valves

pdf icon NFPA Full Line (32 MB)
pdf icon TA Series (Standard Aluminum)
pdf icon TD Series (Tough Duty)
pdf icon FM Series (Flush Mount)
pdf icon FM-RL Series (Flush Mount with Rod Lock)
pdf icon BTB (Back-to-Back), 3P (Three Position) & TM (Tandem) 
pdf icon TRA Series (Triple Rod)
pdf icon TC Series (Telescoping)
pdf icon MSE/MSR Series (Multi-Stage)
pdf icon RS (Round Stainless), SS (Stainless Steel) & SS-MS (Multi-Stage)
pdf icon TAS Series (Standard Steel)
 pdf iconBasic Options
 pdf iconIntensifiers
 pdf iconBTP Series (Bench Top Press)
 pdf iconPneumatic Accessories
 pdf iconSwitches, Strokemaster®, Balluff Transducers
pdf icon Continual Position Feedback
pdf icon Pneumatic Technical Data
pdf icon Hydraulic Catalog (11 MB)
pdf icon HH Series (High-Pressure Hydraulic)
pdf icon RLH Series (HH with Rod Lock)
 pdf iconMH Series (Medium-Pressure Hydraulic)
 pdf iconHydraulic Accessories
 pdf iconHydraulic Technical Data
 pdf iconHydraulic Sensors and Transducers
 pdf iconCompact Hydraulic Catalog

pdf icon Vacuum Full Line Catalog
pdf icon Vacuum Resource Guide
pdf icon Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool (CRVT) Catalog
pdf icon Venturi Vacuum Cartridges
pdf icon Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps - Min Series
pdf icon Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps - Mid Series
pdf icon Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps - Max Series
 pdf iconMulti-Stage Venturi Vacuum Pumps - MSV Series
pdf icon High Venturi Vacuum Pumps - HVP Series
pdf icon J-Series Cylindrical Vacuum Pumps
pdf icon Inline Venturi Vacuum Pumps
pdf icon Variable Vacuum Flow Pumps - VDF Series
pdf icon Adjustable Air Amplifiers - CDF Series
pdf icon Material Conveying Pumps - DF Series
pdf icon Vacuum Cups and Fittings
pdf icon Vacuum End-of-Arm Tooling 
pdf icon Vacuum Accessories 
pdf icon Vacuum Switches and Sensors
WhitepaperSell Sheets
pdf icon BV10/15 Manifolding Valves
pdf icon AIROS™ Air Preparation
pdf icon PTO Valve
pdf icon Pneumatic Gripper System BPGS
pdf icon PA Series NFPA Actuator
pdf icon Modular Sub-base Solenoid and Air Pilot Valves
pdf icon EdgeSwitch Solid-State Switch Series
pdf icon IntelliSense Enclosure
pdf icon IntelliSense with Vacuum
pdf icon Compact Hydraulic Actuator Series
pdf icon Herion Valve Series 24011-24010 Sell Sheet
pdf icon Herion Valve Series 97105 Sell Sheet
pdf icon Herion Valve Series 98015-98025 Sell Sheet
pdf icon End of Arm Tooling - Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool
pdf icon IntelliPress Bench Top Electric Press
pdf icon ISO 15552 Extruded Pneumatic Cylinders
pdf icon Servo Pneumatically Controlled Pinch Valve System
pdf icon BPV Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves
pdf icon Composite Fittings (ISO 14743) Sell Sheet
pdf icon Vacuum Cups and Fittings Expansion Sell Sheet
pdf icon SV Valve Option for Venturi Vacuum Pumps
pdf icon Multi-Stage Vacuum Pumps & Cartridges
BookUser Manuals
pdf icon IntelliSense®
 pdf iconHSXZ
pdf icon IntelliPress™ Electric Bench Top Press
BookPolicies & Regulations
pdf icon Terms and Conditions of Purchase
pdf icon Terms and Conditions of Sale
 pdf iconConflict Minerals
pdf icon European Machinery Directive
pdf icon REACH Compliance
pdf icon RoHS Compliance
Product InstructionsProduct Instructions
pdf iconHydraulic Shock Absorber-LS, SS, and HS Series Mounting Instructions
 pdf iconManual Valves (3MV8 and 4MV8) General Repair Instructions
Air Preparation
pdf icon FRL Automatic Drain Service Instructions

pdf icon Double-Wall® Air Cylinder Cushion Repair Instructions
pdf icon Double-Wall® Air Cylinder General Repair Instructions
pdf icon Double-Wall® Air Cylinder Mounting Kit Assembly Instructions
pdf icon Double-Wall® Air Cylinder Rod Seal Replacement Kit

Flat-I®, Flat-II® and EF-I
 pdf iconEF-I Repair Kits General Repair Instructions
 pdf iconFlat-I® and Flat Square® Double End Rod General Repair Instructions
pdf icon Flat-I® and Flat Square® General Repair Instructions
 pdf iconFlat-I® and Flat Square® Nose Mount General Repair Instructions
 pdf iconFlat-I® and Flat Square® Wiper Option
pdf icon Square Flat-II® Air Cylinder General Repair Instructions
 pdf iconBlue and Improved Flat-1® General Repair Instructions

Linear Thruster
pdf icon Linear Thruster Service and Maintenance Instructions

Original Line
pdf icon All Stainless Repairable Cylinder General Repair Instructions
 pdf iconHole Punch Cylinders General Repair Instructions

Original Line Electric®
pdf icon OLE Manual

pdf icon PFC Instructions
 pdf iconPFCN Instructions
 pdf iconPFC-LRT Controller Manual

 pdf iconPneuMoment® Actuators Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Requirements
 pdf iconPneuMoment® Mounting Clamps
 pdf iconPneuMoment® Seal Replacement
 pdf iconPneuMoment® End Flange Mounting Instructions

pdf iconPneu-Turn® Rotary Actuators Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Requirements
 pdf iconPneu-Turn® Rotary Actuators General Repair Instructions

Position Control System
pdf icon PCS PFC Quick Setup Instructions
pdf icon Bimba PCS Operating Manual
 pdf iconPFC Quick Start Guide for DPM
 pdf iconSPCS Setup Manual

pdf icon RSS Repair Instructions

Safety & Production
pdf icon High Flow 2:1 Air Booster Repair Instructions

pdf icon 5mm Square Thick Mounted Switches Assembly Instructions
 pdf iconGMR Switch Mounting Instructions
 pdf iconGMR Autoconfigure Switch Assembly Instructions
 pdf iconMini GMR Switch (Sinking-Sourcing) 
 pdf iconMini Reed Switch Assembly Instructions
 pdf iconMini Two-Wire Solid State Reed Switch
 pdf iconMRS® Magnetic Reed Switch Assembly Instructions
pdf icon MRS® Magnetic Reed Switch Assembly Instructions (MRS-.027)
pdf icon MRS® Magnetic Reed Switch Assembly Instructions (Special MRS-.027-B)
 pdf iconSolid State Inductive Proximity Switch for Ultran® Roldess Cylinders
 pdf iconSolid State Switch for Flat-1® and Flat-II® Assembly Instructions
 pdf iconTwo-Wire Solid State Reed Switches

pdf icon Ultran® Band Plus Assembly/Mounting Instructions
pdf icon Ultran® Band Plus Maintenance Instructions
pdf icon Ultran® Band Repair Instructions
pdf icon Ultran® and Ultran® Slide Maintenance Lubrication and Mounting Instructions
 pdf iconUltran® Slide Rodless Cylinder Repair Instructions
pdf icon High Load Ultran® Model UHL Preventative Maintenance Lubrication Requirements
BookQuick-Start Guides
pdf icon Soft Start Valve Setup Guide
pdf icon DRV-4,-8 Quick Start Guide
pdf icon ITM-23Q IntelliMotor® Quick Start Guide
pdf icon ITM-23Q-M12 IntelliMotor® Quick Start Guide
pdf icon STP-10 Quick Start Guide
pdf icon STP-AC5 Quick Start Guide
Solution ShopSolutions Shop
 A - B
pdf icon Adjustable Axle Lifting System Provides 10% Cost Savings
pdf icon Air Boosters Double Pressure Output Forces
pdf icon Air Brake Makes Playground Safer
pdf icon Air Driven Hydraulic Intensifier Cuts Costs
pdf icon Air Driven Toggle Clamp Reduces Manufacturing Process Time and Labor by 30%
pdf icon Air Powered Hydraulic Rate Control Allows for Smooth Adjustable Movement
pdf icon All Composite Cylinder Stands Up to Harsh Fumes
pdf icon Automated Bottle Filling System for Pharmaceuticals
pdf icon Automated Closed Loop Solution Saves Customer Over $300 per Machine
pdf icon Automated Conveyor Adjustment Solutions
pdf icon Automated Glue Dispenser Generates Higher Production Yield
pdf icon Bimba Develops Low Emissions Self Reciprocating Pump that is Corrosion Resistant
pdf icon Bottlers Reduce Production Costs by 7%
pdf icon Bulkhead Connector Controls Lift Device

C - G
pdf icon Closed Loop Control of Machining Lubrication Saves Customer $300 per Axis
pdf icon Compact Lift Table Design Eliminates External Guides Reducing Contamination and Cycle Time
pdf icon Custom Connector Simplifies Installation Saving Time and Money
pdf icon Custom Manifold Keeps Electronic Device Cool
pdf icon Custom Pinch Valves Provide Consistent Pinching Forces
pdf icon Custom Valve Assembly Replaces Three Devices in a Medical Operatory
 pdf iconCustom Valve Assembly Eliminates 25 Components in a Medical Device
 pdf iconCustom Valve Bank Assists With Wind Turbine Blade Control
 pdf iconCompact Valve Banks provide Space Savings
 pdf iconCustom Valve Built to Read an Exterior Load Scale
 pdf iconCustomize Your Motorcycle's Ride Height with Bimba's Air-Driven Hydraulic Cylinder
pdf icon Cutting Head Positioning Cylinder Increases Life 20%
 pdf iconDesiccant Drier Removes Moisture to Eliminate Interference in Radio Frequencies
 pdf iconDiaphragm Actuator Provides High Clamping Forces in Small Package
 pdf iconDistinctive Valve Assembly Replaces 8 Components Saving Time, Space, and Money
 pdf iconFilter Design Saves Thousands of Dollars Annually
 pdf iconGripper with Integrated Valve Increases Workflow Efficiency 15%

H - M
pdf icon  Hand Tool Cycle Test Fixture Accommodates Various Designs
 pdf iconHand Tools Used in a Wide Variety of Industries and Applications
pdf icon Heavy Duty Valve Block Controls Trailer Suspension
pdf icon High Load Class 10 Ultran® Meets Class 10 Clean Room Requirements
 pdf iconID Gripper Reduces Downtime 30%
pdf icon Impact Actuator Keeps Products Flowing
pdf icon Lab Cylinder Offers Precision in Compact Design
pdf icon Large Bore Rotary Actuator Produces Amazing 10,000 in-lbs of Torque at Only 80 PSI
 pdf iconLiquid Pump Control Saves Time, Money, and Energy
pdf icon Mold Lock Actuator Provides a Tight Fit
pdf icon Motorcycles Ride on Air with Pneumadyne Valves

N - R
pdf icon  Non-Rotating Spline Cylinder Eliminates Labeling Errors
pdf icon NPA Electric Actuator Increases Accuracy and Repeatability
pdf icon Original Line® Twist Clamp Cylinder Extends and Rotates in a Single Stroke
pdf icon Overstroke Simplifies Machine Adjustment and Reduces Set-up Time
pdf icon Plastic Valve Makes Toxic Gas Testing Safer
pdf icon Pneumatic Foot Pedal Offers Consistent Dispensing
pdf icon Power Plant Position Feedback Cylinder Reduces Pollution 10% and Increases Efficiency 15%
pdf icon Print Head Positioning and Fail-safe Offers Height Adjustment on the Fly
pdf icon Rail Lock Actuator Holds Guides in Place
pdf icon Rate Control Actuator Delivers Smooth Consistent Velocity Control
pdf icon Reciprocating Test Circuit Eliminates Wiring Problems
pdf icon Rectangular Stopper Actuator Guides and Stops Products
pdf icon Round Repairable Solid Body Actuator is Corrosion Resistant

S - Z
pdf icon Single Block Assembly Reduces Components Weight Package Size
pdf icon Single Multi-Motion Actuator Allows You to Lift and Rotate
 pdf iconSix Cylinder Design = $500 Savings per System
pdf icon Stainless Steel Air Operated Fluid Valve is Corrosion Resistant
 pdf iconSuckback Valve Eliminates Dripping
pdf icon Telescopic Original Line® Cylinder Provides Long Strokes for Compact Spaces
pdf icon Three Chamber Pump Allows Operator to Visually Inspect Fluid Levels
pdf icon Tool Changing Cylinder Handles High Velocities High Loads
pdf icon TRD Special Slide with Rod Lock Reduces Overall Positioning System Costs 20%
 pdf iconTurnkey Valve Banks Save Time Money and Space
pdf icon Unique Weld Cylinder Offers Single or Multi-Stage Configurability
pdf icon Vacuum Cylinder Provides Sequential Actuation Simplifies Pneumatic Circuits
 pdf iconValve Bank Eliminates Components Saving Money and Space
pdf icon Valve Base Provides Corrosion Resistance
 pdf iconValve Block Eliminates Leak Points Saving Hundreds of Dollars
pdf icon Valve Block Extends Service Life and Provides Consistent Results
pdf icon Vane-Buster™ Rotary Actuator Provides Industry Leading 1080 of Rotation
pdf icon Volumetric Driver Cylinder Provides Adjustable Stroke to Increase Productivity by 10%
Technical TipsTechnical Tips
pdf icon Achieving Optimal Air Prep Performance
pdf icon The Difference Between Bumpers and Cushions for Pneumatic Actuators
pdf icon Optimum End-of-Arm Tooling Design
pdf icon Top 10 Ways To Use Predictive Prognostics
pdf icon Advantages of Component Consolidation
pdf icon Bimba Reference Handbook
pdf icon Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Air Jet Selection and Use
pdf icon Consider These 6 Elements When Selecting a Pneumatic Manifold
pdf icon Considering Life Expectancy
 pdf iconThe Difference Between a Flow Control and a Needle Valve is Explained
 pdf iconGuidelines for Solenoid Valves
pdf icon How Proper Mounting Prevents Premature Cylinder Wear
 pdf iconHow to Determine the Right-Sized Cylinder for Your Job
pdf icon Installing the Proper Regulator Conserves Air and Saves Energy
pdf icon Looking for a Way to Reduce Energy Usage in Your Fluid Handling Application?
pdf icon Low Temperature Seals
pdf icon Maximizing Cylinder Performance
pdf icon MRS®-.087 and MR Series Reed Switches and Allen Bradley Model SLC 500 PLC IA-1746 120 VAC Series Input Cards
pdf icon Multiple Power Original Line® and Small Bore Flat-1®
pdf icon OLE FAQs
pdf icon Operation of 3-Position Original Line® Cylinders
pdf icon Operation of 3-Position Pneu-Turn® Rotary Actuators
pdf icon PCS-PFC Quick Setup Instructions
pdf icon PCS Rod Lock Instructions
pdf icon PM-MC-09 Mounting Clamp Installation Instructions
 pdf iconPneuMoment® End Flange Mounting Instructions
 pdf iconPoppets vs. Spool Valves - Why Valve Type Matters
pdf icon Power Factors
 pdf iconQuick Connect Cable Specifications
 pdf iconSinking and Sourcing
pdf icon Something Old Something New
 pdf iconSPCS Power Loss
 pdf iconStep vs. Servo Motors
pdf icon Stepper Motor FAQ's
pdf icon Switch Protection for Inductive Loads 
pdf icon Switches in Series and Parallel Circuits
pdf icon System 11: An Easy Method of Consolidating Pneumatic Components
pdf icon Ten Fluid Power Lessons You Don't Learn in School
pdf icon Test Procedures for Magnetic Reed Switches
pdf icon Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
pdf icon Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting Directional Valves
 pdf iconWashdown Material Compatibility Chart 
pdf icon Custom Pneumatic Solutions Expertise
Software ToolsSoftware & Tools
Programming and Configuration Software

IntelliSense   IntelliSense® v1.0.0

Stepper   Bimba IQ® Stepper Software v1.0.8

Program   Bimba IQ® Programmer Software v1.0.6


Sizing Tools
XLS Angular Gripper Sizing
HTML Link Crossover Request Form
XLS MHRQ Rotary Actuator Sizing Software
Link  OLE Sizing Software v1.14
XLS  Parallel Gripper Sizing
XLS  PneuMoment
pdf icon Valve Reference Chart

Cost Savings Calculators

XLS Pneumatic vs. Electric

Video AnimationVideos & Animations
Youtube  Our YouTube Videos include:
video camera TECH TALK: Single Stage Vacuum Pumps vs. Multi Stage for Pick and Place Applications
video camera TECH TALK: Bumpers and Cushions for Pneumatic Actuators
video camera TECH TALK: Hole Punch Air Cylinders
video camera TECH TALK: IntelliAxis® Electric Linear Robot
video camera TECH TALK: Customized Components and Engineered Solutions for Industrial Automation
video camera TECH TALK: Bimba's New Push-to-Connect Fittings
video camera TECH TALK: Compact Venturi Vacuum Generators - Bimba's J Series Vacuum Pumps
video camera TECH TALK: Bimba PA Series NFPA Pneumatic Actuator
video camera TECH TALK: New Bimba Pneumatic Inline Valves and Sub Base Manifold Valves
video camera TECH TALK: BPGS High Force Pneumatic Gripper
video camera TECH TALK: How Three Position Pneumatic Actuators Work
video camera TECH TALK: New Bimba Pneumatic Inline Valves and Sub-Base Manifold Valves
video camera Bimba at AUTOMATE 2019
video camera CRVT Collaborative Robot Vacuum End-of-Arm Tool from Bimba
video camera TECH TALK: Customized Components and Engineered Solutions for Industrial Automation
video camera TECH TALK: Bimba's New Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Composite and Metal Fittings
video camera Bimba Distributor Spotlight - Pennair
video camera Bimba Distributor Spotlight - Cowper, Inc.
video camera Consolidated Pneumatic Circuits using Manifold Blocks - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Electric Linear Actuator Pick and Place Demo - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool for Pick and Place Applications - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Electric Bench Top Press for Assembly and Pressing Applications - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Positioning Control for Pneumatic Pick and Place Applications - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Wash Down Applications for Pneumatic Actuators - Pack Expo 2018
video camera Dr. Vacuum - Lifting Delicate Items with FDA Approved Pumps, Cups and Fittings
video camera Bimba at IMTS 2018
video camera New Bimba Pricing Configurator
video camera TECH TALK: Hole Punch Air Cylinders
video camera TECH TALK: IntelliAxis® Electric Linear Robot
video camera Dr. Vacuum - Transferring Materials Using Vacuum Pumps
video camera Dr. Vacuum - Lifting Heavy Materials Using High Vacuum Levels
video camera Dr. Vacuum - Lifting Porous Materials with High Levels of Air Flow

Video Archive
TV Are You at Risk? The Role of Lockout/Tagout in Pneumatic Safety 
TV How Close is Close Enough? - Pneumatic & Electric Automation to Accomplish Positioning Accuracy
pdf icon  Stepper Motors for the 21st Century: The Benefits of Integrated Stepper Motors
pdf icon Sensing Methodologies in Pinch Valves
pdf icon Sensing Methodologies in Pinch Valves - German
pdf icon Make the "Switch" Away from Timers
pdf icon Debunking Conventional Wisdom in Actuator Selection and Deployment
pdf icon Preventing Contamination: A Guide to Material Selection for Food and Beverage Equipment Design
pdf icon Are You at Risk? The Role of Lockout/Tagout in Pneumatic Safety
pdf icon Stepper vs. Servo: Which is Better Served with My Electric Cylinder?
pdf icon How Close is Close Enough? - Pneumatic & Electric Actuation to Accomplish Positioning Accuracy
 pdf iconMaintenance Strategies for Pneumatic Actuators
pdf icon The Use of Pinch Valves in Food and Beverage
pdf icon Dust and Dirt on Jobsites? Move Materials with a Material Conveying Pump
pdf icon Saving Space with Vacuum - A Jarring Situation in Canada
pdf icon Custom Vacuum Pump Solution for Train Equipment Manufacturer