TRD’s compact hydraulic cylinders are designed to be space saving and long lasting.

Mounting Brackets

Flange Brackets / Mounting Blocks

Ultran® Rodless Mounting Block image
Mounting blocks are available for Ultran® rodless cylinders.

Shock Absorber / Proxy Switch Brackets

Ultran® Rodless Shock Absorber/Switch Bracket image
Shock absorber/switch brackets are available for Bimba's Ultran® UG series rodless cylinders.

Shock Absorbers and Stroke Adjusters

8mm to 50mm Bore Shock Absorbers image
Shock absorbers can be used to decelerate loads or absorb excess kinetic energy.
Stroke Adjustment image
Stroke adjusters are available for Bimba Ultran® rodless slides.

Transition Plates

Rotary Mount Block image
These mounting blocks are used with PneuTurn® rotary actuators.
Transition Plates image
Used to couple rodless, rotary, and guided actuators together for multi-axis configurations.