IntelliSense® sensors for condition based monitoring -- be proactive about maintenance.


24V Power Supply
24V Class 2 Power supply for use with IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module.
IntelliSense® Data Gateway
Enhances your IntelliSense® network with remote monitoring and data logging capabilities.
IntelliSense® Data Gateway DIN Rail Bracket
This is a service part for the IntelliSense® Data Gateway.
IntelliSense® DB9 to RJ45 Serial Cable
Female DB9 to RJ45 CAT5 Serial Cable to connect IntelliSense® SIM to RS422 to USB Serial Hub.
IntelliSense® Fitting
IntelliSense® Fittings are an easy way to connect an IntelliSense® Sensor to a pneumatic actuator.
IntelliSense® IO Cable
0.5M for wire cable Molex 4-Pin Header to flying lead.
IntelliSense® Junction Block
Has four RJ45 connectors and one 8 pin terminal block in parallel to simplify IntelliSense® wiring.
IntelliSense® Kits Product Image
Kit contains IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module, fittings and sensors for an IntelliSense® network.
IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor
Compact pressure and temperature sensor for using with and IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module.
IntelliSense® Sensor Cable
Female 4 pin Micro M8 Straight connector to 4 pin Female Micro M8 90° connector shielded cable.
IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM)
The intelligence behind IntelliSense®.
IntelliSense® USB Programming Cable
IntelliSense® USB programming cable required for the initial setup of an IntelliSense® SIM.
RS422 to USB Hub
4 Port Serial RS422 to USB Hub with Din Rail Bracket.

Threaded Sensor

BPT Series Analog Pressure Transducer
Introducing the NEW BPT Series Analog Pressure Transducer
Proximity Sensor (PCQ)
PCQ series proximity switches are end of stroke switches used with Ultran® rodless cylinders.