Vacuum Cylinder

Item: VCL

The Vacuum Cylinder (VCL) is a low-cost solution to add a third axis of motion to any vacuum lifting application. Using this vacuum cylinder requires no additional valving to control the cylinder. The vacuum cylinder operates when vacuum is applied to a single port on the rod guide. When vacuum is applied to the actuator, the vacuum cylinder will then extend, make contact, grab, and retract with the part within your operations. To release the part, simply just turn off the vacuum generator. This vacuum cylinder is ideal for any pick and place applications and is great for bag filling operations needing to open and close bags or pouches.

  • Stroke Length: 1”
  • Bore size: ¾”
  • Stocked for quick shipment
  • High cycle rate: 150 cycles per minutes
  • Lightweight – 3.3 oz.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -