Q: I have a hole punch cylinder and need to replace the cutter. How can I tell if my cutter is replaceable & how do I order a replacement?
A: Bimba recently introduced an improvement to its hole punch product line by making the cutter replaceable. Worn cutters can now be replaced with part number 'Repunch-___' where you specify the size after the part number. To distinguish this new design, the replacement cutter style will have a brass cutter look and a unique shaped jam nut. The old cutter design is a blackened cutter that is permanently riveted to the rod and the entire actuator would need to be replaced if you have this style.
Q: Can I still get an Original Line® cylinder to have HT-99 oil lubrication?
A: Yes, this is possible. Simply call out "99" directly after the mounting style of your part number. For example, 501-DXP99B (2.5" bore, 1" stroke, double acting, universal mounting, HT-99 oil lubrication, and bumpers).

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Q: Can I get an air reservoir with multiple ports and different mounting configurations?
A: Bimba's extruded air reservoir offers up to 11 ports and 3 alternate mounting options in both inch and metric.

Extruded Air Reservoir
Q: Where can I find repair instructions for Bimba products?
A: Bimba product instructions are found in the Library tab. It includes all repair, mounting, and initial operating instructions for all Bimba brand products.

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Q: I have a valid Bimba part number but when I use the search function on your website, why do I get 'No Results'?
A: Our search results are sorted by search 'category'. Each search you complete may include results in various categories that we sort by tabs such as 'Product Description Search', 'Part Number Search', and 'Library Search'. Make sure you look at each tab that shows up after search is complete to help find the specific information you are looking for.
Q: What is the technical difference between internal (rubber) bumpers and internal (air) cushions?
A: The cushion option does act to transfer the kinetic energy of a cylinder's impact by slowing the piston prior to it reaching the end of the stroke. The bumper option for a Bimba cylinder will help to dampen the noise of the piston hitting the end cap. It has a minimal effect on reducing the impact kinetic energy and is mostly used to quiet an application. Understanding that the slower end-of-stroke speed of a cushion may not be ideal, Bimba does offer higher impact bumpers as a special design (or the B2 option in the Original Line®). Contact 800-44-BIMBA for more details.
Q: I would like to receive newsletters from Bimba. What do you offer and how can I subscribe to it?
A: We offer a newsletter called Actuation News. You may sign up for the newsletter from our website, by going to our website, clicking on New & Events, the clicking Actuation News, fill in the information requested and hit subscribe. You will then be on the electronic mailing list.

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Q: Where can I validate my part number plus get a description, price, and delivery?
A: The quick way to access this information is from our website, then click support, then price and delivery. Enter the part number and quantity needed. The system will respond with a price and delivery, there is a link that you may click that will provide you with a brief description of the part number.

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Q: How do I get Bimba drawings and do they include tolerances?
A: Bimba CAD drawings are free of charge and you don't even need to register to get them. You will need to use 32 bit IE 7 or higher, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Once you configure your part number, you can request 2-D or 3-D CAD files or a PDF specification sheet or drawing. Specific tolerances should be requested through our Technical Support at 800-44-BIMBA.
Q: What is the "breakaway" of my actuator?
A: Breakaway is the term used to describe the amount of pressure to overcome the normal friction of a cylinder. This can be different for different product lines. Click here to see our technical tips outlining breakaway for each Bimba product line.