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The automotive industry uses Bimba products in robotic assembly lines, as well as the vehicles themselves.

From braking systems to clutches on trucks, and municipal bus door operators, Bimba's durable designs have served a multitude of applications in this industry.

Bimba cylinders service many automotive after-market and service applications including:


 Motorcycle Air Shifters

Cycle Cylinder

Smooth Dependable "clutchless" shifting

    Transmission Paddle Shift

    Paddle Shift

    Quick shift automotive applications

    Air Suspension Cylinders

    Air Suspension

    Adaptable "Off the Shelf" suspension solutions

    Clutch Linkage

    Clutch Linkage

    "Do it Yourself" customization

    Car Wash

    Car Wash

    Brush, entry/exit door and directional spray motion

    Custom Air Spring

    Air Spring

    Customized solutions for all types of vehicles