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Beginning with planting, to harvesting and processing crops the agricultural environment provides a significant challenge to the actuators used to operate the equipment needed to complete the task.

Bimba manufactures standard and customized actuators using a variety of materials, seals and lubricates to maximize performance in agricultural applications.


Harvesting - Bimba offers actuators that use corrosion resistant materials and advanced rod seal technology to prevent corrosion and contamination. You will find collaborative Bimba designs on harvesting equipment including:

  • Forage Harvesters
  • Plot Harvesters
  • Potato Harvesters
  • Combine Accessories

Bimba actuators are used on a wide variety of planting implements to condition the soil and start and stop the flow of seeds during GPS controlled row planting resulting in precision feed control and decreased waste.  You can find the correct Bimba actuator for use on:


  • Field Cultivator
  • Precision Row Seeder
  • Pneumatic Seeder
  • Plot Seeder
  • GPS-GIS System
  • Soil Finishing

Sorting - Bimba actuators are used to operate "Hi Speed" fruit and vegetable reject mechanisms and to clean optical lenses that determine the size and quality of harvested produce.