Bimba Design Center

Bimba Design Center


While other companies walk away when off-the-shelf products don’t measure up, Bimba's knowledge, experience and drive can help solve your application by leveraging one of two approaches:


Modified Standard Products

If our standard products need an alteration to satisfy your application, Bimba has developed thousands of selected product modifications with many of these becoming part of our standard product offering or one of our BimbaBreakthroughs™.

Some of the most common modifications to our products include:

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Custom Design Solutions

If our U-Select™ solutions still don't meet your application needs, Bimba's know-how can design, build and deliver a custom product that meets your specifications.

In many cases the final product doesn't resemble an actuator anymore.  For example, Bimba worked with SynCardia Systems in the development of the pumping system for their Freedom™ driver*, designed to power the world's only FDA-approved total artificial heart.  Bimba was an integral part in the development of both the pneumatic driver technology and corresponding valving.

If you're looking for a partner to help develop your next generation product, take advantage of Bimba's U-Design™ capabilities.



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