Reduce production costs by automating crimping, bending, and other operations.

Air Presses

Adjustable Column Style
Adjustable column style air press provides infinitely variable daylight settings, permits radial swing.
Bench Top Press Frame
Bimba's BTP Series feature a variety of bench top presses.
Cast Iron Arbor Presses
Bimba's cast iron arbor presses feature a heavy duty cast iron frame that is extremely rigid.
Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Multi-Stage Press
Bimba’s latest press utilizes multiple stages to achieve a dramatically increased output force.
Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Presses
Bimba's heavy duty welded steel frame air press is used to automate tasks.
Multi-Stage Bench Top Press
Bimba offers a multi-stage bench top press.
Single Acting Air Presses
Bimba offers a single acting, spring return, versatile light duty air press.
Single Stage Press Frame Cylinder
Bimba offers a single stage bench top press.
Triple Rod Bench Top Press
Bimba offers a triple rod, non-rotating bench top press.