Air to Electric Switch

Air to electric switches convert air signals into electrical signals, and are ideal for actuating solenoid power valves or other electric components.  Switches may be wired normally closed or normally open.  Actuator head model MPE-B may be easily mounted on any plunger-type switch.  Switch models MPE-BZ and MPE-BZE are single pole double throw (SPDT).

  • MPE-B actuator head only
  • MPE-BZ actuator head and switch, 15 Amp
  • MPE-BZE actuator head, switch and enclosure, 15 Amp
  • Pressure range on MPE-B:  8-100 PSI and is not adjustable to a specific pressure
  • MPE-BZ and MPE-BZE are low resistance electrical circuits
  • MPE-BZ and MPE-BZE are UL and CSA listed