2/3-Way Plastic Body w/Manual Override

Isonic® V2 direct acting, solenoid-operated valves are available in normally-open and normally-closed configurations.  Use these valves to control both vacuum and positive pressures at flow rates up to Cv .05.  Molded from high-performance thermoplastic, Isonic® valves achieve superior heat, impact and moisture resistance.

  • **NEW** More standard voltage/power options, offering up to 60% power savings
  • Patented quick-connect manifolds available in 4 or 8-station
  • Manifolds and valve bodies are high-performance thermoplastic
  • Quick-connect fittings standard on all valves & manifolds, eliminating the need for fittings
  • Manifold has convenient, single electrical sub-D connection
  • Lightweight design; each valve weighs 1.5 oz.


How to Order Content

How to Order

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Pressure Range*: 
   A: 28 in-Hg vacuum to 120 PSI (0.025ʺ/0.65mm orifice)
   B: 28 in-Hg vacuum to 120 PSI (to 90 PSI for N.O. models) (0.035ʺ/0.90mm orifice)
   C: 28 in-Hg vacuum to 30 PSI (to 25 PSI for N.O. models) (0.055ʺ/1.4mm orifice)
Temperature Range:  0° F (-18° C) to 120° F (49° C)
Design:  2 or 3-way, direct acting, normally open or normally closed
Lubrication:  Not required
Filtration:  40 micron
Flow:  A: Cv = 0.01, B: Cv = 0.02, C: Cv = 0.05
Seals:  Viton and Nitrile
*See Low Power Isonic V2 Valve Product Brief for low power pressure range