"11" Series


“11” Series valves feature a 5/32 push-in input port and 1/8 NPT (F), ¼, or 5/32 push-in output ports.  These 3-way valves have a non-threaded exhaust port and the output port swivels for alignment purposes.  The internal poppet design ensures there is no transitional state from one function to the next, providing the operator precise control (normally closed only).

  • Input port:  5/32 push-in
  • Output port:  1/8 NPT (F), ¼ push-in or 5/32 push-in
  • Exhaust port:  non-threaded
  • Flow rate:  22.1 scfm at 125 psi (normally closed)
  • Operating Pressure:  0  to 125 psi
  • Actuation:  push button, detented toggle or momentary toggle


5/32 OD x 5/64 ID Polyurethane Tubing
5/32 OD x 3/32 ID Polyurethane Tubing