Manifold PowerStrip™

The Manifold PowerStrip™ (MPS) offers a simple solution to wiring manifold valve stacks. The MPS reduces installation time, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides a clean, space-efficient alternative to individual wiring and costly molded cables. Designed for use with MFD M4V and Isonic® V4 series valves, the MPS features integrated circuit protection and indicator LED's.

  • Utilizes existing DIN style solenoid connection
  • Eliminate bundled wire sets with a single home-run cable
  • Reduces installation time
  • Replaces individually-wired DIN connectors and molded cable sets
  • Integrated circuit protection and LEDs 


How to Order

Voltage Range:
12-24VDC (-D)
24-120VAC (-A)
0-120VAC/VDC (MPS5)
Temperature Range: 0° F (-18° C) to 120° F (49° C)
Max. Coil Power: 4W (2W for MPS5)
Protection Class: IP65
Body Material: ABS