MFD Manifolds (M4V/M4A Valves)

Bimba offers a pneumatic valve manifold with multiple ports sizes depending on which valve is mounting to the manifold.  Valve mounting screws and gaskets are included with the manifold.  The pneumatic valve manifold is used to reduce assembly and installation cost.  It also reduces piping and installation space.

  • M100M is to be used with the 100 series valves
  • M200M is to be used with the 200 series valves
  • M300M is to be used with the 300 series valves
  • M400M is to be used with the 400 series valves
  • Manifolds are available with 2-8 stations
  • Valve installation hardware included with manifolds


How to Order

Pressure Rating: 120 PSI
Temperature Range: 5° F (-20° >C) to 150° F (70° C)