MFD Manifold Gasket Kit (for M3V/M4V Valves)

Manifold gasket kits are used as a seal between the valve and manifold.  These are replacement kits.  All manifolds include gaskets and screws.  3 way valve gasket kits are available for M100H, M200H, and M300H manifolds.  4 way valve gasket kits are available for M100M, M200M, M300M, and M400M manifolds.  All in-stock manifold gasket kits ship the same day.

  • Used for sealing between the valve and manifold.
  • For use with 3 way valve or 4 way valve manifolds.
  • Replacement kits.
  • All accessories include necessary hardware.
  • Available in multiple sizes depending on the manifold.
  • All in-stock blanking plates ship the same day.


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