Air Silencers & Breathers

Air silencers and breathers quiet air exhausted from pneumatic tools, industrial air guns, blow molds, air cylinders and other pneumatic systems. Exhaust muffler/air silencers utilize porous sintered bronze directly bonded to nickel plated steel pipe threads to diffuse air and muffle noise from exhaust ports on valves.

  • Air silencers reduce exhaust noise by approximately 20%
  • Breather vents prevent contaminants from entering the air component
  • Air silencers feature a unique stem for quick connections to tube collets
  • MML type is designed to have 15% less pressure drop than MM type
  • All models are constructed of sintered bronze, some are housed in plastic
  • Use where contaminants ordinarily clog air silencers on air tools


How to Order

Pressure Rating: 30 to 120 PSI
Temperature Range: 0° F (-18°C) to 160° F (71° C)
Cracking Pressure: 3 PSI
Body and Piston: Nickel plated brass
Seals: NBR 70
Spring: Steel

MM Series: Sintered bronze silencer with male threaded port
MMS Series: Silencer with flow control and male threaded port
MMB Series: Sintered bronze breather with male threaded port
MML Series: Silencer with plastic housing and male threaded port
MMP Series: Silencer with plastic housing and tube stem connection