Metal Detectable

Metal Detectable Cups have bits of metal embedded into the cup silicone material, used where contamination is a concern, such as in food processing. If pieces break off, they can be found with in-line metal detection equipment.

  • FDA approved material for use in food processing 
  • Metal impregnated for detection in food processing
  • 1.18”  diameter flat model
  • 1.57” or 1.65” diameter multi bellows
  • Multi bellows accommodates variable work piece shapes
  • Silicone version offers excellent temperature resistance

To order Metal Detectable Vacuum Cups or to download CAD files, click here.

How to Order: Refer to the Catalog page for a complete list of Metal Detectable Vacuum Cups. Metal Detectable Cups use Group 10 fittings. Additional fittings group information can be found here

See the chart below for Metal Detectable Cup materials and specifications.

For assistance ordering Vacuum Cups contact the Bimba | Vaccon Technical Support Team at 508-359-7200 or click here to email the team.


MD Cup Material