Egg Cups safely handle delicate, round objects such as eggs and ceramics and can be used in the food processing and fiber optic testing industries.

  • Available in red and translucent silicone
  • Great for food processing applications
  • Large bellows ensure gentle handling or work piece
  • 1.34” or  1.46” diameter
  • 2.5 or 5.5 Convolutions accommodates egg size variation
  • Works with VPIA inline venturi pump

To order Egg Vacuum Cups or to download CAD files, click here.

How to Order: There are 3 models of Egg Cups, refer to the Catalog pages for more details. Egg cups are designed to work with the Bimba | Vaccon VPIA Inline Venturi Vacuum Pump with Atmospheric Release, and fittings are not required. Egg cups are made from Silicone material, additional material data is found in the table below.


Egg Cup Material