Bimba offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles, materials, sizes and capabilities. Fittings in multiple styles are available individually or as a cup assembly for each cup group. Bellows cups have a pliable outer rim that will conform to curved or uneven surfaces while the bellows sections compensate for inconsistent stack heights. Under vacuum the accordion-style bellows cup will collapse on contact.

  • Single and multi bellows models
  • Available from 0.18” to 4.50” diameter
  • Adapt to variable part presentation
  • Overcome leakage due to work piece variation
  • Vinyl, silicone, nitrile, and chloroprene materials
  • Optional oil resistant vinyl and polyurethane material


To order Bellows Vacuum Cups, click here.

How to Order: Refer to the Catalog pages for a complete list of Bellows Vacuum Cups. To order Bellows Cup fittings, please reference the fitting groups column for the appropriate part numbers, NF indicates no fitting is required. Additional fittings group information can be found here.

All part numbers ending with a dash and * require the customer to specify a material type to complete part number. For example, a VCC-B-020-* single bellows cup in Nitrile material would be completed by adding N: VCC-B-020-N. See Chart below for Bellows cup materials and specifications.

For assistance ordering Vacuum Cups contact the Bimba | Vaccon Technical Support Team at 508-359-7200 or click here to email the team.

Bellows Cup Material