Electronic Vacuum Switch - VDM Series

The VDM Series compact all-in-one output device and digital gauge reduces the number of components in your system. With 2 switched outputs it’s possible to monitor the high and low limits for vacuum control. The optional analog output allows software control over the entire vacuum range with the ability to track system vacuum changes in real time. The switches are highly flexible due to selectable output functions such as switching point hysteresis and window comparator.

  • 3 color, 3 section LED  display
  • Set-point displayed in sub-section – color changes when reached
  • Fully Programmable – simple push button calibration – no tools required
  • Vacuum port – with 1/8” NPT w/ 10-32 female fitting, or G 1/8M w/ M5 female fitting
  • Standard with M8, 4-pin Quick Disconnect on 6” Pigtail
  • 2 models: VDMP-QD-6 (2 PNP outputs) VDMN-QD-6 (2 NPN outputs)

To order the VDM Series switch or to download CAD files, click here.

How to Specify:

VDMN-QD-6 utilizes NPN switching 

VDMP-QD-6 utilizes PNP switching

Both models include 6" pigtail and M8 4-pin Quick Disconnect. Cordset with 5M lead wire and M8 4-pin connector available, part # QDS-8-4F

Mounting brackets available: MB-VDM - rear & bottom mount, or PMC-VDM - panel mount