VPIA Inline Venturi Vacuum Pump with Atmospheric Release

VPIA Series of inline venturi vacuum pumps feature a fast acting, quick release for pick & place applications. Ideal for handling round, oval, delicate or fragile objects, VPIA pumps go from vacuum to atmosphere with an instant release - not a slow bleed With an integral fitting and the proper cup selection, the VPIA Series pumps transform manual labor processes into automated assembly, yielding higher productivity and improved quality.  

  • All pneumatic – no electricity required
  • FDA approved Acetal
  • Quick release without hard blow-off
  • Safe handling of fragile objects
  • Powerful vacuum up to 25”Hg [846mbar]
  • Low operating pressure - 45 PSI [3.0 bar]


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How to Order: VPIA-60H-DEL




VPIA-60H-DEL Inline Pump Standard Specifications

Pump Material: White Acetal body, brass cartridge, Buna-N seals

Medium: Filtered (50 micron) un-lubricated, non-corrosive dry gases

Operating Temperature:32° to ~120°F [-0° to ~99°C]

Operating Pressure:45 PSI [3.0 bar]

Air Supply Port:10-32 Female press fitting for tubing

Vacuum Port:0.35 diameter barb