Push-to-Connect Fittings


Push-to-Connect (PTC) fittings are a robotic, End-of-Arm tooling component that connects all Bimba | Vaccon vacuum pumps, cups, and spring levelers to each other or tubing. Bimba | Vaccon provides complete End-of-Arm tooling devices that can be ordered pre-assembled and tested at the factory or shipped in component format for on-site assembly. PTC fittings feature durable – all metal, solid brass nickel-plated construction.

  • Ready to use, easy to install - compact and lightweight
  • Fast assembly, disassembly and reassembly – minimal downtime - no tools required
  • No flow restrictions – quick cycle time
  • Elbow or elbow angle for tight spaces
  • Tubing sizes: 1/8” to 1/2” OD
  • Male or female NPT threads (1/8” to 1/2” NPT)

To order Push-to-Connect Fittings or to download CAD files click here, or call Bimba | Vaccon at 508-359-7200.

How to Order Content


For assistance with End-of-Arm Tooling components, contact the Bimba | Vaccon Technical Support Team at 508-359-7200 or click here to email the team.


Additional Specs Content

Fitting Material: Brass, nickel plated, PTFE seal ring, Buna-N o-ring

Operating Pressure: 0-250 PSI

Operating Temperature: 0º F to 160º F [-18º C to 71º C]

Vacuum rating: 29”Hg

Fluid: Compressed air