24V Power Supply
24V Class 2 Power supply for use with IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module.
IntelliSense® Data Gateway
Enhances your IntelliSense® network with remote monitoring and data logging capabilities.
IntelliSense® Data Gateway DIN Rail Bracket
This is a service part for the IntelliSense® Data Gateway.
IntelliSense® DB9 to RJ45 Serial Cable
Female DB9 to RJ45 CAT5 Serial Cable to connect IntelliSense® SIM to RS422 to USB Serial Hub.
IntelliSense® Fitting
IntelliSense® Fittings are an easy way to connect an IntelliSense® Sensor to a pneumatic actuator.
IntelliSense® IO Cable
0.5M for wire cable Molex 4-Pin Header to flying lead.
IntelliSense® Junction Block
Has four RJ45 connectors and one 8 pin terminal block in parallel to simplify IntelliSense® wiring.
IntelliSense® Kits Product Image
Kit contains IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module, fittings and sensors for an IntelliSense® network.
IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor
Compact pressure and temperature sensor for using with and IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module.
IntelliSense® Sensor Cable
Female 4 pin Micro M8 Straight connector to 4 pin Female Micro M8 90° connector shielded cable.
IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM)
The intelligence behind IntelliSense®.
IntelliSense® USB Programming Cable
IntelliSense® USB programming cable required for the initial setup of an IntelliSense® SIM.
RS422 to USB Hub
4 Port Serial RS422 to USB Hub with Din Rail Bracket.