Small Bore


Small bore NFPA cylinders are designed to generate high performance in most applications.  They incorporate a tie-rod construction that allow for flexure.  Small bore cylinders are available with double rods, high temperature seals, and for hydraulic use.  Some of our small bore cylinders are available with cushions and pneumatic end of stroke sensors.

  • Bore sizes:  3/4", 1-1/8"
  • 1-1/8" bore cylinder available with pneumatic end-of-stroke sensors (Inter-Pilots™)
  • 1-1/8" bore cylinder available with cushions for shock absorption
  • Available as double rod cylinders
  • Six different mounts to choose from on the 1-1/8" bore cylinder
  • Cylinders are made to order, common options typically do not delay shipping


Mounting Accessories
NFPA Tie-Rod Stainless Steel Clevis Bracket
NFPA Tie-Rod Stainless Steel Eye Bracket
NFPA Tie Rod Stainless Steel Clevis Pin (w/cotter pin)
Rod End and Port Attachments
Alignment Coupler (#5-40 to 1"-14)
Jam Nut (#5-40 to 1"-14)
Tie Rod Mounted Switches
High Illumination [for TRD Cylinders](MSS/R10)
High Illumination Switch Bracket (SB15/SB32)