Flush Mount


FM series cylinders are one of the most versatile cylinders on the market.  They feature (4) tapped holes at each end and flush sleeve nut construction at head end.  FM series mounting kits convert the basic cylinder to rear pivot or flange mount, so they can be used in different applications by simply changing the mount.

  • Bore sizes:  1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3-1/4", 4", 5", 6"
  • Interchangeable with many older style NFPA manufacturers’ cylinders out in the field
  • Several bolt-on NFPA mounting kits available
  • Flush mount feature provides most compact design available in NFPA specifications
  • Standard and oversized rod available
  • Can be converted to a Tough-Duty (TD series) design with BP and FC options


Mounting Accessories
NFPA Clevis Bracket
NFPA Tie-Rod Eye Bracket
NFPA Tie Rod Clevis Pin (w/bridge pin)
Pivot Bracket MP2
Base Bar
Rod End and Port Attachments
NFPA Tie Rod, Rod Eye
Alignment Coupler (#5-40 to 1"-14)
Jam Nut (#5-40 to 1"-14)
NFPA Tie Rod, Rod Clevis (Machined)
Tie Rod Mounted Switches
High Illumination [for TRD Cylinders](MSS/R10)
High Illumination Switch Bracket (SB15/SB32)

Flush Mount How to Order