Relief Valve

MGZ series 3-port, 2-position pneumatic shut-off valves cut off upstream pressure and exhaust downstream pressure.  The manually rotated knob can be locked out with the included padlock. Available port sizes range from 1/8" NPT to 1/2" NPT and a mounting bracket is included for stand-alone operation.

  • Valve type:  3 port, 2-way
  • Pressure range:  0-130 PSI
  • Proof pressure:  215 PSI
  • Temperature:  0°F to 160˚F
  • Operation angle:  90˚ (Twist)
  • All "in stock" valves ship the same day


How to Order

Pressure Range: 0 to 130 PSI
Proof Pressure: 215 PSI
Temperature Range: 0° F (-18° C) to 160° F (71° C)
Filtration: Not required
Lubrication: Not Required
Includes: T-bracket, stamped steel bracket, and lock