Air Preparation

Filters (General purpose particulate/water filters.)


Coalescing Filter
Coalescing filters protect sensitive pneumatic equipment by removing oil mist and contamination down to 0.01μ.
MGF Series
MGF is a pneumatic filter unit that can be connected inline to the pneumatic circuit.
Lubricators (Introduces an adjustable level of oil mist into pneumatic systems.)


MGL Series
MGL is a pneumatic lubricator unit that can be connected inline to the pneumatic circuit.

Regulators (Pressure reducing valves.)


"0 & 11" Series
Used to maintain a preset downstream pressure, available in relieving/non-relieving.
MGR Series
Modular regulators for standalone installation or use in an FRL.
Highly accurate air pressure control in a compact package; ideal for limited space applications.
MSR Series
Compact and reliable regulators for panel or inline installation where space is limited.
Combination F/R Units
Combination F/R Units (Integrated design combines filter and regulator into one component.)

Combination F/R Units

MGFR Series
High quality, high reliability filter regulators.
Assembled Combinations
Assembled Combinations (Filter, regulator, and lubricator that comes pre-assembled.)

Assembled Combinations

MGFC Series for Air Preparation
MFD offers high quality, high reliability, filters, regulators, and lubricator combinations.
Accessories (Includes mounting hardware, pressure gauges, shut-off valves, soft start valves and more.)


Digital Pressure Gauge
Digital gauges increase precision and legibility on regulators and filter-regulators.
Digital Pressure Switch
DPS series digital pressure switches offer programmable digital and analog pressure outputs.
Distribution Block
MGA series distribution blocks are available for use with MFD pressure regulators.